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What's the leather carving soft wall panel?

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    What's the leather carving soft wall panel?

    Issue Time:2017-02-10

    Leather carving soft package background wall is a modern new soft package backdrop. TV background soft package background wall gives the aesthetic visual effects and artistic experience, more and more people choose to do with leather carving soft package to do the TV backdrop, bed, ceiling, corridor and other decoration.

    Leather carving soft package background wall is a feature in the interior wall surface with a flexible material to be packaged wall decoration method. Now the use of leather carving soft package backdrop is not just a single wall, in the home improvement when the ceiling is decorated with soft bags, and some even have installed in the bedroom.

    Leather carved soft package background wall decorated house has a very luxurious feeling of ingredients in it. For example, China is now slowly introducing Western culture, so the installation of soft packaging and other high decoration has become a fashion trend. Leather carving soft package materials used in general is soft, relatively soft colors, which can protect the house inside the hardware facilities to be closed, the overall decoration inside the home improvement can be a high level of home improvement.

    Anti-static, anti-collision-related functions. It has a fire-retardant, sound-absorbing, noise, moisture, mildew, anti-bacterial, waterproof, anti-oil, dust, anti-fouling. Leather carving soft package backdrop decoration has become a market-oriented things, so now a little high-end point of residential real estate, villas and townhouses and so on in the use of soft to do decorative use, which will be a large area. The so-called soft decoration, refers to the decoration is completed, the use of those easy to change, easy to change the location of the accessories and furniture, such as curtains, sofa sets, cushions, craft tablecloths and decorative arts and crafts, decorative iron and other interior furnishings and layout. TV background soft package can be based on the size of the room space shape, the owner's living habits, hobbies and their respective economic situation, from the overall planning of the overall design of the decoration, reflecting the master's personal taste, not "one thousand" side . If the home is too old or outdated, and need to change, do not have to spend a lot of money to re-decoration or replacement of furniture, will be able to show a different face, giving a fresh feeling.

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