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    Issue Time:2018-07-11

    When we are at home, we want to feel comfortable. The home environment must be pleasing to us. The courage to add patterns and colour has not diminished. White walls only are still out. Creative accents are in demand. Whether one prefers to design an entire wall, or to just add artistic accents, with the latest product from BOCAS, it is possible to create an instant modern, dynamic and trendy home atmosphere.it is of course the coloured accents that really produce the outstanding panel effect. 

    This is where the creative ideas of the individual do-it-yourselfer come in! The panels can be decorated originally and imaginatively with any colour and coating. Nothing is impossible. Anything goes. In an instant, it is possible to individually design and add a touch of beauty and artful creativity to any wall.

    Easy Installation
    Thanks to their small size –50*50CM – the ultra-light 3D wall panels are extremely easy to handle and quick and easy to install. They are simply glued to the wall. This means they can be placed in any way desired, whether asymmetrically, horizontally or vertically, for complete or partial wall coverage. The creative possibilities are endless.

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    In short, anyone who loves creative DIY projects will be able to conjure up a great wall design quickly and at little cost and effort. Technical details and application examples are available on request from the manufacturer.

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