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The application of 3D leather carved soft package

    The application of 3D leather carved soft package
    Issue Time:2017-03-29
    As a commonly used decorative means, more used in home improvement, TV backdrop, sofa backdrop, ceiling and other parts of the decoration, in public places (such as: KTV, conference rooms, clubs, hotels, restaurants, coffee Hall, etc.) has a vast market. Traditional soft bag is divided into all manual work, the construction process is complex, the high cost, the quality is unstable, the modeling is single, the designer chooses difficult, has very big limitation in use.
    "Baoji Si" fine 3D leather carved soft package, with environmental protection, fire-retardant, waterproof, sound-absorbing, easy installation and maintenance, decorative effect and so on. The traditional hand-crafted process evolved into a factory, commercial, serial of a decoration materials. Product design and selection of varieties, rich color, the construction is simple and quick, customers only need to provide pictures, the shortest time will be able to produce a boutique soft bag, is the designer of the ideal design products, "treasure" Soft package application in the high-end decoration will become a fashion trend! Compared with the traditional soft bag, giving the elegant, warm, comfortable, feeling, the market has an irreplaceable advantage! And fully meet the needs of modern private customization.
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