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Wooden plastic in foreign countries | foreign wood plastic (wpc) related standards

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    Wooden plastic in foreign countries | foreign wood plastic (wpc) related standards

    Issue Time:2017-03-29
    China's wood-plastic industry started relatively late, a lot of related standards are borrowed from abroad, the following simple description of several countries and regions of the wood-plastic technology standards.
    1. the United States
    In the early 1990s, the United States created a small number of small wood-plastic enterprises. With the universal application of wood products, there is an urgent need to accurately determine the physical and chemical properties of wood products and mechanical specifications. Initially, the manufacturer used the synthetic resin test method to measure the characteristics of the material, and later found that this can not accurately reflect the performance of the product. Because these tests are small samples. July 1993, in order to develop the standard to meet the requirements of wood products, the United States Materials Testing Association ASTM established a wood plastic sub-technical committee, has developed a wood-plastic compression performance, material flexibility, density, creep, thermal expansion linear coefficient And other relevant standards.

    2. Canada
    At present, Canada has not yet seen the national standard of wood-plastic, but its building materials center on the wood-plastic products have two specifications: "06522 thermoplastic plastic and wood composite materials, rectangular outdoor solid technical specifications" and "06525 cellulose / Polymer composite materials, outdoor plating hollow technical specifications. " These two specifications of the wood and plastic products, physical and mechanical properties of the test method has been standardized. Most of which use the ASTM standard.
    3. Europe
    The European Committee for Standardization's Plastics Professional Committee has drafted the technical specifications for "wood-plastic composites". Divided into three parts:
    ① wood-plastic composite materials and product performance testing methods
    ② wood plastic composite material performance
    ③ wood-plastic composite products performance

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