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Budapest's white Nordic apartment,

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    Budapest's white Nordic apartment,

    Issue Time:2017-04-21

    The studio is about 40 square meters in the center of Bucharest, Romania, in a building near Cismigiu Park, which is a historic city center.

    This project has not changed since the mid-1960s. The major change in design is to remove the balcony and incorporate it into the living room. Such a conversation and work area will appear, while by increasing the glass surface so that the room is filled with additional light.

    One of the windows on both sides of the bookshelves, in the sleep area filter the light, so that indoor space more vivid.

    Furniture to white-based, some with oak, black dot embellishment. Simple furniture with Nordic inspiration. The owner is passionate about the film and music (he works in the creative industry), so the walls are decorated with classic black and white portraits.


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