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The owner's garage was transformed into a living space

    The owner's garage was transformed into a living space
    Issue Time:2017-04-28

    A push open the door, the face is full of vision and with the natural light like the outdoor, "once you enter the house, as if to forget their still in London!" De Rosee Sa founder Max de Rosee so describe the new works. This is a new concept building in West

     London, the original is the garage, the owner decided to change the storage space, build two rooms comfortable home, in order to make up for the original lack of lighting, specially designed to use the roof skylight.

    Design Tips: single-family apartment unique sloping roof, it is suitable for imitation of the patio way to strengthen the indoor lighting!

    De Rosee Sa Architects offers "basement" advice to customers, making the home area larger, the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom on the first floor, while the other bedroom is in the basement, the whole building is kept in simple tones, Floor to each

     room style through. London little chic season, you can even open the courtyard door, enjoy the granite laying courtyard into the breeze slowly.


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