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56 square meters of Nordic fresh apartment

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    56 square meters of Nordic fresh apartment

    Issue Time:2017-05-03

    Little space, how to deal with not enough to put down the entire surface on both sides of the table and chair?

    Let's take a look at this 56 square meter apartment in Goteborg, which is located in.

    The layout of the apartment was folded, and the windows on both sides allowed the interior to be more permeable. Living room and dining room are arranged together, through the careful layout of the designer, so that the natural and delicate feeling.

    The overall color tends to dull, but the same color with a set of artistic sense of space.

    Large living room hanging down from the reception area, will undoubtedly become the focus of the living room.

    The desktop of the dining area is paved with white and black spots. The chair is also an anti conventional layout, while the side is the outdoor dining chair, stool.

    Behind the table is decorated on the wall painting, but also for the artistic atmosphere of the space a lot of color.


    The outdoor balcony is the best place to spend the afternoon leisure time, as well as baicaoyuan.


    The kitchen is still a piece of the breakfast area, the golden chandelier, silver tea, so that this small world is full of fine.


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