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Arsenal to rebuild the house

    Arsenal to rebuild the house
    Issue Time:2017-05-04
    A + Z design studio, designed by architect and production designer Atila F. Kovacs and his artistic director and designer wife, Zsuzsa Megyesi, designed their new home for himself, one in the south of Budapest, Hungary , Was the arsenal of the four-story building. Loft 19, their tower-shaped home with large factories, can be traced back to 1913 to 1915, and has become a protected industrial building. The space is quite unusual, but they have created everything for themselves, and the Kovacs childhood (1950-1960) design and modern perfect fusion.(more detail about interior design,pls click www.bocasrb.com)

    When they had just got the room, there was a chaos - broken windows and doors, no water, electricity or gas. However, in the course of two years, they use their own taste to start and rebuild the building. On the first floor, there is a large studio and exhibition hall, as well as a suite. The second floor contains the bedroom, bathroom, closet, and the third floor is the living room and dining area, open kitchen, public space. The fourth floor has a swimming pool, sauna, gym, library, laundry and rooftop terrace. The top pool was originally a concrete fire tank on the attic, so they turned it into a pool.

    Outside one of the large windows, it is the original power station building and the tower.

    Designed by their own custom stainless steel cabinets.

    The bedroom floor is more like a boudoir with bold colors and backgrounds.


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