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Can 3d leather wall panel to help the elderly sleep ?

    Can 3d leather wall panel to help the elderly sleep ?
    Issue Time:2017-05-15
    The use of soft materials with soft texture, color soft, can soften the whole atmosphere of space, the three-dimensional sense of depth can also enhance the grade of Home Furnishing. In addition to beautify the role of space, more important is the soft also has the flame retardant, sound absorption, sound insulation, moisture-proof, anti mildew, antibacterial, waterproof, oil proof, dust-proof, anti-static, anti fouling, anti-collision function. So to help the elderly Home Furnishing soft sleep have help?
    The quality of sleep is not high enough to be a problem for the elderly. Short sleep time, older people more sensitive to sound and light, it is easy to wake up and fall asleep, and then become very difficult to sleep. So the room to meet the main sleep and storage function, the design of the room should be practical, not very beautiful luxury; making a good sound and reasonable lighting indoor, create a quiet and peaceful sleep environment is very important. Such as the elderly bedroom window to do the best street, hollow glass, soft bed and bedside noise; indoor selection of soft material for furniture, wooden floor or carpet; can enhance the effect of silencing and noise reduction!
    Through the introduction we know roolls plays a significant role in improving the elderly sleep. At the same time with the perfect combination of art soft science thinking, given the soft brick art a new soul, lifelike effect, soft visual feeling, smooth and delicate touch.
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