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Leather carved leather wall panel PK the traditional leather wall panel

    Leather carved leather wall panel PK the traditional leather wall panel
    Issue Time:2017-06-13
    One: conventional traditional soft package. (9% or 12% board) laying, and then add a layer of 3 ~ 5CM thick foam pad, and then cloth or artificial leather or leather decoration (package) surface The
    Advantages: can be mechanized, assembly line production, large output.
    Disadvantages: size error is difficult to eliminate, the product is difficult to meet environmental standards.
    Two: the type of soft package. Construction process: first type of pattern according to the need to fix the pattern on the wall, filled with sponge in the middle, and finally with a knife knife or leather plug in the section.
    Advantages: high dimensional accuracy, basically zero error. The construction process is simple. Material to meet environmental standards. The equipment is simple.
    Disadvantages: professional production of skilled talent scarce.
    Three: leather carved soft package. Leather is a new type of soft bag. Is a special mold by a high temperature hot forming. Fashionable, fire-resistant wear-resistant. Is a relatively strong professional soft package, the general factory and individuals can not achieve the beauty of leather carving.
    Flame retardant wear and tear, environmental protection, no pollution of indoor air, DIY assembly, construction is simple, long life, easy to clean.

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