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Decoration of the living room

    Decoration of the living room
    Issue Time:2017-06-26
    First, the living room of the back wall is essential
    In the "theme wall", you can use a variety of means to highlight the owner's personality characteristics, the use of a variety of decorative materials on the wall to do some modeling to highlight the entire living room decoration style. At this time leather carved soft bag is to highlight your taste and style of the time.
    Since there is a "theme wall", the rest of the living room can be simple to do some, so that "four white floor" can be. If the living room walls are "the main wall", it will make people feel messy. In addition, the "theme wall" before the furniture and wall decoration to match, or can not get the perfect effect.
    Second, the living room design principles
    Living room as the facade of the family, its decorative style has become more diversified, personalized, it is also more and more functions, at the same time with the guest, show, entertainment, audio and video functions, in the design to take this into account.
    The location of the living room is generally close to the main entrance, to avoid others a door on its glance, it is best to set the entrance at the entrance.
    In the conference area the role of the sofa is most important, its shape and color will directly affect the living room style, so in the choice to be careful. Show space is a place to reflect their own personality, you can put a transparent cabinet, in which placed some collectibles or decorations and books. Its size in accordance with the living room area to see, it is best to rely on the wall to save space.
    The audiovisual entertainment area is an important functional area of ​​the living room, and its design takes into account many aspects such as the distance between the TV screen and the seat, the angle and height, the position of the TV light, the location of the audio equipment and furniture, etc. Need to be repeated debugging to determine.
    The types of living room layout can also be varied, there are a variety of styles, different styles. Choose a soft color, small lighting, cloth decorations will be able to reflect a warm feeling. Choose exaggerated colors, innovative style furniture, metal ornaments will be able to reflect the alternative style. You can simply sit on the ground only a few cushions, so that people come to sit, ignore all the complicated decoration, to create a unique style of the pastoral garden is also a good way.
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