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How to improve the taste of decoration

    How to improve the taste of decoration
    Issue Time:2017-06-26
    Buy furniture after the first decoration
    First decoration style to be unified. Of course, the unity we refer to does not mean that all the room styles are the same, but the constraints of your personality play. If you do not want to decorate your home like a supermarket, then you choose the designer before, want to own the whole family to reflect what characteristics, and then select your favorite furniture. In this way, the designer can use the furniture to understand the decorative style you want, and you can put these furniture into the design, so that the whole style of home to be unified.
    Space is saving money
    And then gorgeous decorative style, can only cause us a short time of visual excitement, reasonable space layout is the eternal theme of fashion decoration style. Housing space can be post-transformation, we decorate the house before, should be the pattern of the house to make it clear that all the space can be used to be transformed, even if it is 1 square meters of space do not waste. To know that for most people, wasting 1 square meter is equivalent to wasting a few months' wages. For example, if your home kitchen is relatively large, then you can be separated from the part of the entrance, so that the room can look more layered. Such as such a small skill there are many, as long as you have enough creativity, even if the 50 square meters of small units can do 3 room 1 hall feeling.
    The atmosphere is illuminated by lighting
    Lighting in the home decoration played a role in the finishing touch, if the room is not fashionable and elegant lighting to contrast the atmosphere, then I am afraid the overall style of home decoration will drop in half. What kind of style with what kind of lighting.
    Leather carved soft package as a catalyst to enhance the grade
    In the design of indoor layout, should take into account the TV backdrop, bedside backdrop, lamp roof decoration, are to improve the quality of the key decoration is to highlight the identity of the owner of the symbol.

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