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What is the Pidiao soft background wall

    What is the Pidiao soft background wall
    Issue Time:2017-08-12
    Soft is a wall decoration method for indoor wall packaging using flexible material, so it is people used to call the soft background wall. Tongsudeshuo: soft background wall is a television background, background sofa, bedroom bedside background wall a piece of soft texture decoration.
    Many years ago, because of its soft sound-absorbing, sound insulation, moisture-proof and anti-collision function has been widely used in high-grade hotels, clubs, KTV etc.. After carefully study design and Bao Jia Si soft after years, found that choose use color soft and soft material to soften the whole atmosphere, the modified three-dimensional sense of depth can improve the Home Furnishing grade is also very suitable for high-end residential commercial housing, villas and townhouses and floor decoration. This is Pidiao roolls, not only can be used in the living room, sofa, bedroom bedside background, but also can be applied to the top of the living room, kitchen and so on top, more widely used, the style of greater selectivity, better meet the customer's private custom.

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