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Leather Carpenter - your home improvement

    Leather Carpenter - your home improvement
    Issue Time:2017-08-19
    Whether it is the hotel hotel wall decoration, or home improvement of the back wall. Leather carved soft bag status has gradually replaced the wallpaper, become people's first choice. Improve the standard of living so that consumers in the decoration style more and more tend to private custom. Everyone for the decoration requirements are no longer simple is brilliant, luxurious or warm colors. And more attention to the space three-dimensional ornaments to the impact of people, and thus leather carved soft package came into being.
    Compared to the advantages of wallpaper leather carved soft bag is very obvious:
    As a result of the three-dimensional effect can not be used in the wallpaper color to accompany the leather carved soft pattern after the night is very gorgeous.
    2. Material
    Leather is the main material is leather compared to the wallpaper of the paper gives the "high-end atmosphere on the grade" feeling. With the three-dimensional effect of the feeling out more beautiful.
    3. effect
    Leather carved soft bag compared to the wallpaper gives a more intense visual impact, more realistic. In the overall effect with the decoration is much better than wallpaper.
    4. Installation
    Leather carved soft package and wallpaper similar to the simple and easy as long as the alignment can be. But also according to their own wishes with the overall pattern.
    5. Late maintenance
    Leather carved soft material is mainly leather compared to the wallpaper more resistant to dirt, corrosion resistance, the use of longer time. Maintenance is more simple, as long as the cloth can be wiped.
    6. crash
    Soft soft bag used in children's room, can effectively prevent children from playing hit the wall of the accident.
    7. Sound-absorbing sound insulation
    Due to the presence of the filler, the soft bag has a good sound and sound insulation function.
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