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How long will the new house stay?

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    How long will the new house stay?

    Issue Time:2017-08-31
    How long do you often ask the house after the decoration? This problem depends mainly on the degree of indoor air pollution, if the indoor air quality standards, then you can immediately admit; on the contrary, if the decoration of the house, although more than six months, but the indoor air is not up to standard, it is worth noting that The house can not stay.

    According to the relevant national standards, "civil construction project indoor environmental pollution control norms", interior decoration works should be 7 days before delivery or indoor air quality testing is completed. In other words, at least 7 days after the completion of the renovation, the air quality acceptance was admitted.

    Since indoor air pollution is directly harmful to health and life, we should recognize the seriousness of indoor air pollution problems and seek detection and treatment methods. But there are still a lot of people who need to renovate the lack of understanding of indoor air monitoring. Some people think that trouble, because it will not cause much damage to the body as long as happy to open the doors and windows, the room put some green plants; some people think that there is no taste of the room, do not need to test; some that decoration materials are their own carefully selected , And so on. In fact, some cheap decorations with the naked eye and the smell of substances are many indistinguishable substances.

    Such as benzene pungent smell is not great, but the harm to the human body is very large. Another example is the tasteless radioactive gas radon, but can lead to lung cancer, which is the second major risk factor after smoking. Therefore, each family and individual must have a clear understanding of the pollution and interior decoration pollution. To understand that once the health of air pollution hazards, not only affect the work and study, but also to the family to bring a heavy financial burden. In addition, if the pollution caused by leukemia, lung cancer, it is very difficult, and even life-threatening treatment.

    Environmentalists and experts believe that indoor air pollution and timely treatment, scientific understanding is very important, excessive housing must be centralized through the management of professional to maintain safety. Professional advice, indoor air pollution, the correct approach is to first deal with indoor air testing to determine the degree of pollution and the main harmful ingredients, and then according to the situation of harmful gases exceeded, choose the appropriate treatment to remove harmful gases. In the centralized management of the fund, after the slow release of harmful gases, and long-term use of air fungicide adsorption, oxidation treatment, the maximum release in the recently released countries to eliminate harmful gases, so as to achieve long-term purification of air purposes. In any case, in the room decoration do not forget the first test, so as not to enter the "gas chamber", (must be in the root directory) health and life threat!

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