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Leather Carpets - the best choice for bedside backgrounds

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    Leather Carpets - the best choice for bedside backgrounds

    Issue Time:2017-09-06
    With the improvement of living standards, people's needs also to the wall decoration fashion, safety, environmental protection, health and other development direction, soft, sound absorption, heat insulation, such as the characteristics just to meet these needs. For those who like to read in bed, watch TV, a comfortable mattress headboard is essential. Pao Si Si said that the mattress of the headboard, not only allows you to sit on the edge of the bed, feeling soft and comfortable bedroom, but also as a backdrop effect, you can easily create a more warm atmosphere.

    It is understood that, in general, leather soft texture soft, soft colors, can make the overall atmosphere of the space, but also reflects the master's quality of life for you to create a different style of the bedroom atmosphere.

    Just think hardwood frame on the bed and then use a soft leather bag, it's a feeling? Pojiao Si Life Center official said the cortical layer of soft solid wood bed frame color is very coordinated, dry hardwood, plywood and medium density fiberboard strength and stability, so that the material is solid and stable, mixed with the cortex of the atmosphere, Stable and sleep solid.

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