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3d leather wall panel must be upgraded

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    3d leather wall panel must be upgraded

    Issue Time:2017-09-25
      In the new round of home industry consolidation, leather carving industry must speed up the product design, research and development, manufacturing, brand sales, service and one of the new business model, so that leather carved soft products and existing home style to achieve organic integration. And really able to do this leather carving products manufacturers are not many, the integration of the new business model in the leather carving business almost no, it must be required to now leather carving manufacturers transformation, of course, now the home style and design has been Walking in the front of the home business, we must promote the transformation of many industries, and for the leather industry, this new type of industry transformation is very difficult, the transformation of all aspects of the problem, but also need sufficient funds to follow up.

           Recently, the domestic leather carving industry enterprises Baoji Si leather car first proposed integrated leather carving marketing concept, introduced nearly a hundred models of various types of ceiling carving, to provide users with one-stop software solutions, and Po Ji thinking of the transformation will Led the leather industry a new round of industry reshuffle and integration, will enable some small businesses can not adapt to the market and out, so that the leather carving industry embarked on a great development era for the global leather carving industry to bring new opportunities for development.

           From the development of the leather carving industry itself, our transformation and upgrading, just walk in the forefront of leather carving industry, other companies will certainly adjust the direction to speed up the transformation, leather carving industry is bound to become the main force of the software industry, and Transformation and upgrading is also bound to become a collective feast of the leather carving industry. Of course, any industry transformation, need to continue to explore and demonstrate, and consumers from the familiar to the need for a process. Therefore, the arrival of the era of leather carvings need to think of the company's efforts, and ultimately lead the entire leather carving soft package market prosperity.
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