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The design thought treasure house Pidiao soft bedside background wall

    The design thought treasure house Pidiao soft bedside background wall
    Issue Time:2017-10-10
    Bedroom home is the most romantic place, a bedroom wall fashion can make the finishing point for the whole room. Bedroom wall is the main bedroom design highlights. The basic principles of beauty in form, such as points, lines and planes are used in the design, so that the shapes are harmonious and unified and varied. Smooth leather, soft cloth, and beech, pine, full of tenderness recover the original simplicity of the curtain, make the bedroom wall background level, well-proportioned.
    In the bedroom wall color choice, should be in harmony, elegant and appropriate. The local color collocation should be careful, steady color is popular, such as green is lively and vibrant, pink is cheerful and beautiful, blue is cool romantic, or grey tinted Department spirits through yellow is warm and elegant, full of warm atmosphere. Want to go to the bedroom to give up the elegant line, gorgeous color, slightly gray tone color, such as blue, purple is preferred. For example, gray and white flowers, wallpaper can be elegant interpretation of the ultimate performance.
    Bedroom wall design does not have to be how luxurious, simple flowers, the background wall makes people feel warm. Portrait or landscape photos seems out of date, an abstract geometric painting simple but mysterious meaning can make your bedroom look full of artistic temperament. Chinese style bedroom without a landscape painting, poetry is the best decoration put it down in black and white, plain and elegant. One can use the romantic curve inside Iron jewelry, a simple hanging wall, immediately become a charming, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.
    In addition, the bedside wall, multi angle lighting settings should be warm yellow as the tone. Above the bed can embed canister lamp or wall lamp, make indoor more romantic warmth.
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