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Application of wood plastic in building products

    Application of wood plastic in building products
    Issue Time:2017-10-16
    A major branch of wpc is the production of doors and windows profiles. The most commonly used plastic matrix is PVC, but also uses other plastics or mixed materials. Although wood plastic composites are more expensive than PVC materials, composites have won the favor of people because of their thermal stability, moisture resistance and stiffness. At the same time, the wood plastic composite surface can be made decorative patterns such as wood, so that it has similar visual effects with wooden doors and windows, not only to meet people's sensory requirements, but also more durable than wood.
    Plastic products are higher than the preservative treatment of wood compression plate prices, but a small amount of maintenance, requiring little maintenance costs, outdoor use under the condition of reducing pollution and corrosion cracking, no chemical loss arising failure, with high durability. Because of its excellent moisture resistance and dimensional stability, wood plastic composites have gradually increased their application in landscape construction, such as making desks and chairs, garbage bins and so on. The application of composite materials in the garden of the reduced demand for a large number of solid wood, and it provides a great creative space in complicated shape processing advantages for the landscape design, enables designers to create more beautiful than wood material chic garden art.
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