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PVC green wood wall panels

    PVC green wood wall panels
    Issue Time:2017-10-18
    PVC environmentally friendly wood-plastic wall is a new type of decorative materials, easy installation, decorative effect of beautiful, and with decorative lines. That is, regardless of how the wall decoration changes, in fact, by the standard seven pieces: the top line, edge, wall, waist, decorative line, baseboard, angle. PVC environmental wood-plastic wallboard, also known as integrated wall, is made of pvc bamboo fiber as the substrate, the surface can be hot stamping, foil new decoration materials, can be widely used in home, engineering, office buildings, hotels, restaurants.

    Features: easy disassembly, saving time and effort;
    A wide variety of colors, you can replace the wall paint, wallpaper and other traditional decorating materials;
    Green, heat, moisture, mildew, insulation, fire, noise, fashion beautiful, clean and convenient.

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