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The development of WPC wall of several favorable factors

    The development of WPC wall of several favorable factors
    Issue Time:2017-11-15
    First, it is conducive to adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure and transforming economic development. To adjust and optimize the structure is to rapidly increase the proportion of advanced productive forces and speed up the elimination of backward enterprises. WPC wall industry to take the road of low-carbon economy is through a series of technological innovations to promote energy-saving emission reduction and the development of circular economy. However, there is still great potential for WPC panels in energy saving and emission reduction. We must seize the opportunity to develop low carbon wallboard industry and speed up structural adjustment.
    Second, it is conducive to promoting the development of new type of wallboard. The low-carbon economy focuses on the transformation of energy and covers a wide range of industries and fields. Internationally recognized carbon reduction economic system includes low-carbon products, low-carbon technologies, building energy efficiency, industrial energy saving and recycling economy, resource recovery, environmental protection equipment and energy-saving materials.
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