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PVC WPC wall quality standards

    PVC WPC wall quality standards
    Issue Time:2017-11-22
    So in the end what kind of PVC WPC products is high quality? From the product technology and installation of this dimension to analyze, to meet the quality of the products mainly look at three aspects of physical performance:
    The first is the flexibility, the physical called "disturbances", the popular explanation is that the length of the general industry specifications in the 2.8m ---- 4m, the longer the longer the easier to achieve flexibility test board bending in the plane Two basic can move closer to compliance as compliance.
    Followed by the hardness, the hardness of the material is mainly manifested in three different hardness: 1, scratch hardness: to meet the common hard objects are not easily scratched on the substrate standard compliance, even with some special surface technology is not Scratches. 2, into the hardness: no deformation of the product is pressed into the hardness of the main indicators to be visual inspection of the surface from the product, and then use ordinary human finger pressure load, no plastic deformation, as the standard. 3, rebound hardness: General impact test, you can use a simple manpower, impact or use a special weight from 1m above the height of the free fall impact material to not deformed without rupture as the standard.
    The last is the flatness: the toughness and hardness of the material is not completely independent of the physical indicators of consideration, and ultimately the most core physical standard is flatness, PVC WPC wall mounted to the wall effect is good, including the formation of the product itself Play a decisive factor.
    I hope everyone in the future can learn from the purchase, buy desirable products.
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