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Carving and leather carved soft bag difference

    Carving and leather carved soft bag difference
    Issue Time:2017-12-07

           What is a soft carved leather bag, carved soft leather bag is the use of mold manufacturing a specification of the soft bag products, many people are accustomed to the soft carved leather bag called simplified carving, although the words look almost nothing Difference, in fact, the difference is particularly large, Pigeon originated in the last century, when the industry is underdeveloped, some craftsmen use animal skins to do some carving crafts, as time goes by, leather carving became household items to serve some noble, which Called carving. Into the present, a large number of industrial equipment, people's living standards improve, home decoration into every ordinary home, soft package in the home decoration began a large number of applications, due to the soft bag products are artificial production, production efficiency is low, the process is simple , In some high-end hotels, clubs, home can not reach the desired effect of the people through the efforts of designers, manufacturers, mold soft bag began to appear in the market, because the embossed mold so that the soft package of three-dimensional effect and partial embossing Of the visual impact of the technology is particularly strong, we call this soft bag leather soft bag, but the market marketers and consumers because of the production technology is not particularly specialized products, and slowly people began to skin carving Soft package referred to as carving.
           Now, carved soft bag has become the background wall industry's most welcomed by consumers home improvement products, and with the expansion of market demand, carved soft bag specifications, design, color is also constantly enriched, the formation of this market will Let the skin carved soft package better into the virtuous circle of development, in the near future, carved soft bag will replace many traditional products, become the mainstream of home decoration products.
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