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Soft concept

    Soft concept
    Issue Time:2017-12-12
    Overall soft uphold the style of unity, quality as one, can be customized, the concept can be arbitrary and provide customers with the overall software installed solution. Mentioned the overall soft-loading have to mention the concept of soft loading: the so-called soft decoration, such as curtains, wallpaper, soft bag, sofa cover, cushions, craft tablecloths and decorative handicrafts, decorative wrought iron, the interior of the second furnishings and layout. BOCAS carving in the soft loading aspects of the so-called finishing touch, not only gives visual enjoyment, everyone will be surprised to see, because it is a new product, "soft decoration" can be based on the size of the room space shape, the owner's life Habits, interests and hobbies and their respective economic situation, from the overall plan of integrated decorative design, reflect the owner's individual taste, rather than "one thousand" side. However, while giving users more choices, designers and end-users are often unable to fully understand all the software products because of their time and energy, and accurately select their favorite products in the good and bad market brands . And poor quality soft-loaded products, often using too much chemicals (such as formaldehyde, etc.) to improve product color and so on. The use of such products poses a great threat to the health of users. .
         BOCAS carving not only pay attention to the selection of materials, pay attention to environmental protection, energy saving, BOCAS carved soft bag with moisture, mildew, moth, antifouling, fire isolation, noise and other functions, but also home improvement, tooling quality of care, welcome more attention BOCAS .
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