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Vulture 3d leather wall panel wall background strengths are many, you can rest assured that use

    Vulture 3d leather wall panel wall background strengths are many, you can rest assured that use
    Issue Time:2018-01-10
     With the continuous improvement of modern people's living standards, leather carved soft bag gradually into people's attention. Soft bag in general as a sponge material, covered with leather, artificial leather or cloth and other packaging. In fact, already entered our country soft pack, limited to the tedious production process at the time, combined with the scarcity of materials required lead to expensive, initially only a few rich enjoy. Soft package material is now a diversified development, its production process has also been significantly improved.
           With the improvement of living standards, people are more and more demanding on wall decoration, and are developing in the direction of fashion, safety, environmental protection and health, etc. - while the characteristics of the soft-walled back wall are beautiful, sound-absorbing, heat insulation and health Just to meet these needs. Compared to the wallpaper wall cloth, soft bag soft texture, soft colors, to soften the overall space atmosphere, its excellent three-dimensional sense of home improvement can also enhance the grade.
        BOCAS  think that leather carved soft background wall can absorb noise, soft bag has many advantages, its sound absorption and noise reduction is particularly significant. Thermostat warm, soft package for the insulation properties of the interior, but also more prominent. Large-scale use of carved soft bag, can effectively control the indoor temperature. Both winter and summer heat can have a good thermostat effect, thus creating the most comfortable interior space, so busy day you feel more relaxed, and achieve energy saving. Soft package to change the hard and cold image of the wall in the past, creating a cozy room full of pleasant. Earthquake buffer, soft package shockproof cushioning effect. Health and environmental protection, environmental protection at home, carved soft package is also reassuring. Health is an important standard of home improvement, soft cover and more for the surface material such as cloth. Only need to use special environmentally friendly glue directly paste, not only save the pre-wall treatment process, but also put an end to the construction and chemicals. Usually easy to clean and replace, is a veritable green. Easy to maintain, soft bag is not only practical, and easy to maintain.
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