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Application of soft leather carving background wall

    Application of soft leather carving background wall
    Issue Time:2018-01-11
    The living room is the basic place for family activities, friends and family to gather. Nowadays, many families are watching TV, listening to music and so on as the main entertainment means, so the living room's TV background wall has attracted most people's attention. In fact, in the design of home clothing, the TV background wall has already become the highlight of the design, and it is also a space to embody the personalization of the master.

    The television wall, which is the decorative wall of the TV background, is one of the key points in the decoration of the living room, and occupies a very important position in the decoration. The TV background wall is usually designed to make up the space of the background wall of the TV set in the living room, at the same time it plays the role of decorating the living room. Because the TV wall is family gaze up to the place, to see Months and years pass by. will make people tired, so it is particularly exquisite decoration. It should be said that how to decorate the TV background wall beautifully, is a matter for the owners to bother.

    The television background wall decoration materials, Bao Jia Si Pidiao roolls background wall, its compact design, fine workmanship, moisture-proof, anti mildew. Simple cleaning, long service life, noble and elegant. It is also the trend to choose the tide.
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