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WPC maintenance Cheats

    WPC maintenance Cheats
    Issue Time:2018-01-30
    1. We usually wipe the wall, you should use a soft cotton or soft brush to wipe, to avoid using a metal brush or hard cloth. As a lot of eco-wood products in the production, all contain some water. In order to maintain the good appearance of the WPC wall, it is necessary to avoid long-term exposure to the sun, so that the wood will not lose moisture and cause cracks, but should also maintain good indoor ventilation.
    2. Make sure there is enough room humidity and temperature. Among the types of eco-wood products today, green eco-wood is the most widely used. We usually use air conditioners at home, which results in lower indoor air humidity, so consider putting a pot of water around the wall. Due to the free evaporation of water, indoor air humidity will be appropriately increased. The company is located in:
    3. For some vacant houses, if it is also decorated with ecological wood. Should be regularly cleaned, if not cleaned for a long time, it is likely to lead to dark color, etc. WPC wall. And for some stubborn stains, if not clean, it will lead to the latter simply can not be cleaned.
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