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From BOCAS, 3d wall panels and ceiling tiles

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    From BOCAS, 3d wall panels and ceiling tiles

    Issue Time:2018-05-29
    Haining xianke new material technology  has released a new collection of decorative 3D wall panels and ceiling tiles that can be used interchangeably for various applications.

    "The same panels were designed to be applied on the wall, dropped into a ceiling grid or glued up to the ceiling," read a company statement. "The panels are designed in such a way that you can use one panel for complete layout and design or mix in several complementary tiles that blend in to create even more unique interior decor."

    The panels are made with special class A fire-rated polystyrene and offer high thermo efficiency with R value of 3.5. They also enhance acoustics with NRC value of 0.25 and can be painted with any latex paint.

    The panels can be easily installed using any foam board glue; no surface preparation is necessary.
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