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3d wall panels for interior design


3d wall panels for interior design

September 7,2018

 BOCAS 3D faux leather wall panels can be used in residential and commercial projects. They will work great for Home Theatres and entertainment rooms decoration due to their soundproofing qualities. Can create amazing custom headboards or accent walls installed permanently on the wall or as temporary modular panels. Trim can be added to create the look of inlaid panels.

BOCAS 3D leather panel is beautifully made product. When installed they create large-scale three-dimensional walls and ceilings. BOCAS 3D Faux Leather panels are available in various colors, texture and patterns.All sides and corners are impeccably finished.

3d wall panels

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bocas 3d wall panels

BOCAS is a manufacturer of high-quality leather carving wall panels, novel styles and strong after-sales service, BOCAS 3d wall panels are popular among customers.