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What's the advantages of 3d leather wall panels?


    What's the advantages of 3d leather wall panels?

    Mar 11,2019
    The 3D leather wall panels background is more and more popular and popular with everyone. Its rich color skin, soft touch and different styles of relief provide a strong visual enjoyment.

    Today, what advantages does it have?

    1. Waterproof, anti-fouling, fireproof

    The PU skin has a waterproof function, which can be dried with a dry rag. You don't need to worry about stains, use a damp cloth to remove stains. The PU skin has a fireproof function, and the flame retardant added to the polyurethane is fireproofed, and the pvc base plate itself has a flame retarding effect.

    2. Soft anti-collision

    The polyurethane filler is soft to the touch and can be used as a bed back.

    3. Sound insulation and sound absorption

    The whole surface of the 3d leather wall panels can be applied to the background wall of the TV machine head. It has a certain sound-absorbing and sound-proof function, and can also be used for KTV, hotel and villa decoration. The high-end luxury decoration is remembered at a glance.

    4. Easy to intall

    Installed near the switch, the 3d leather wall panels can be cut with a utility knife. The hot melt adhesive is applied to the four corners of the bottom surface of the leather carving soft pack, and the hot melt adhesive acts as a fast fixing. Apply a ring of nail-free glue around it for permanent fixation and stick it to the front.