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How popular is the 4D Art wall panel?


    How popular is the 4D Art wall panel?

    Jun 4,2019
    After the popularity of the 4D art soft bag in the Canton Fair, foreign customer orders have been placed in August, and domestic customer consultation is also constant! Why is it so "fire"?
    1. Rich in shape
    The art soft bag has different sizes of shapes, the small size soft bag can be independent DIY, and the large size soft bag is on the air.

    2. Simple installation
    When the wall surface is flat and dry, apply the nail-free glue directly on the back of the art soft bag, and the hot melt glue can be applied to the wall. How to install the switch part? You can cut it directly with a utility knife.


    3. Unique
    The first original 4D art soft bag manufacturer in China is different from the traditional soft bag production process, constantly improving the production technology, and the soft bag quality is high quality products!