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Advantages of 3D cartoon soft pack for kindergarten


Advantages of 3D cartoon soft pack for kindergarten

May 6,2020

Color is the soul of indoor environmental planning. Indoor color has a great influence on the space, comfort, environmental atmosphere, and power of indoor planning, and it has a great impact on human physiology and mind. Colors are endowed with love and full of changes. In the planning, the wonderful use of color elements can often achieve surprising and extraordinary effects. Color is one of the most precious treasures given to mankind by nature. The kindergarten 3D cartoon soft pack gives humans the right to "make up" for the entire world. And comfortable interior space.

When people enter the room, the first thing that catches people's visual sense is color; the role of the color of the wall is to beautify the environment and enhance the atmosphere. The kindergarten 3D cartoon soft pack must use the color appropriately, that is, point the theme, the key is outstanding , Seeking changes in elegance. The use of neutral colors makes it easy to obtain common changes in space changes, which can make the indoor atmosphere bright and stretch, which is conducive to indoor furnishings.

In the color arrangement of the interior space, according to different content and key goals and functional requirements, there are main tone, contrast, layer and comparison to satisfy the overall space art conception. In modern residences, the interior is generally classified as a low space. In order to expand the sense of space, the intention is often achieved through the treatment of the wall. The shape, color and texture of the wall need to be arranged organically. , The kindergarten 3D cartoon soft pack makes the composition carefully, the decoration style is common, and constitutes a reasonable room color. If the room has enough sunlight and hot areas, cool colors should be used to reduce the room temperature. For north or shadowy rooms, warm and intimate colors should be used. The kindergarten 3D cartoon soft pack is the first room for people to stay for a long time, and neutral colors are best. .

The color of the wall of the small room should be the same as the color of the furniture. You can choose the same hue and slightly different color distribution, such as cream, light gray, yellow gray, etc. The sunlight is enough, and you can borrow the color of the wall and the home with a large contrast and contrast, such as light blue, light gray, gray green. In short, the aspirational color distribution can make your room look new and radiant on all sides.