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Why are home art soft bags so popular?


    Why are home art soft bags so popular?

    Mar 17,2021

    Home, the pursuit is not only comfort, but also taste! The emergence of artistic soft and hard bags not only meets the upgrading of grades, but also has a more sophisticated artistic tone. It is currently positioned by the industry as a fashionable, light and luxurious home furnishing product.

    What is so good about art soft bags?

    A comfortable and soft texture

    The art soft bag is soft in texture, soft to the touch, and the deep three-dimensional effect can greatly enhance the space level. It is currently not only used in large areas in high-end hotels, guesthouses, clubs, KTVs, villas, specialty stores, and restaurants, but also more and more. Applied to the decoration of various home background walls, it is positioned as a fashionable, light and luxurious home furnishing product.

    Second artistic taste upgrade

    The pursuit of home furnishing is not only comfort, but also taste. Beetle art soft and hard bags are based on the comfortable texture of traditional soft and hard bags. They also pursue the integration of artistic levels, changing the characteristics of traditional soft bags with single color and style, and giving soft bags more The color and picture may make the product more artistic.

    Three styles changeable

       is no longer limited to the single-effect decoration of ordinary wallpapers. The artistic soft bag has a variety of styles and shapes, which can be laid in squares or strips. Smooth lines and stylish and simple shapes are connected to create a new visual experience of three-dimensional space.

    Four fire retardant, sound absorption and noise reduction

     The art soft bag is made of natural silk, high-end cotton lint, and imported leather material, which has good air permeability and fire-retardant function. And the art soft and hard bag uses a lot of flexible materials, has a strong sound absorption function, and has a strong isolation effect on high-frequency, intermediate-frequency and low-frequency noise.

    Five moisture-proof, mildew-proof, easy maintenance

    The material used in the soft bag is imported leather or excellent absorbing and breathable fabric, which can effectively prevent moisture and mildew, and is easy to maintain. For dust and debris on the daily surface, use a vacuum cleaner or household duster.

    Six green, healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly

      Soft bag products have certain shock-proof and anti-collision functions. Especially for children, hard walls and sharp furnishings are very worrying, while soft and hard bags can play a good shock-proof buffer function. If you want to decorate the children's room, it is recommended to use artistic soft and hard bags.