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300mm width wpc wall panel indoor , waterproof and good quanlity

300mm width wpc wall panel indoor , waterproof and good quanlity

300mm width wpc wall panel indoor , waterproof and good quanlity
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Place of OriginZhejiang, China (Mainland)
FunctionFireproof, Heat Insulation, Moisture-Proof,Mould-Proof,Sound-Absorbing,Soundproof,Waterproof
TypePVC+Wood fiber
ColorAs your requirement
Lifet time25-30 years
Warranty time3 Years
FOB portShanghai or Ningbo
Terms of PaymentL/C, Western Union, T/T
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Update Time2019-05-25
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What’s a high-grade clapboard Golmud?

Golmud high-grade clapboard is a new type the materials of wall decoration. WPC is use of advanced technology one-time hot synthetic paste, it has ultra-high simulated wood grain, stone grain, wallpaper and other color effects. It can replace to Wood、stone and the materials of wallpaper decoration. The character of WPC have non-pollution、long time、Insulation、Fireproof and Moisture-Proof、Easy installation、Easy to clean、Stylish and so on.

Ten advantages of the product

By the State authority detect, Insulation performance to achieve our actual application,With our product installation room and general product installation,indoor temperature difference of 7 degrees;A difference of ten degrees compared to paint.It’s the best material for wall decoration for our southern summer heat and northern winter cold.Our product has a unique insulation properties.Completely solved the sunlight the top when the product is used in balcony,Sun room and the ceiling of villa.Achieve significant energy savings,The country is also strongly advocated this kind of energy-saving decoration material.

By the State authority detect, soundproofing reached 29 db,equivalent solid wall of sound.Used in bathroom,It Can obviously solve the problem of sewers noise.

By the State authority detect,fire rating to B1 level.Basically meet the fire safety requirements of the project.

4.Super hardness
Ecological wood has high strength and toughness.The results showed that the screw holding capability of product is 1140N.Products decorative wall panels, window shading, air conditioner cover etc. wind pressure and can withstand winds of 10 tests.

This product has a moisture resistant,south always has wet weather,It is possible to prevent mildew wall.

The raw materials are used environmentally friendly materials.Zero formaldehyde,Zero radiation,Green,you don’t need to removal of odors.Greatly shorten the check-in time.

7.Ease of installation
This product is designed using the traditional pinch installation.It makes installation simple,Ordinary carpenter are able to installed.Can be installed directly on the rough housing.It’s save time and save space.

8.Easy to clean and No deformation
The surface of product with powerful,you can scrub with a cloth directly,the situation of difficult to clean doesn’t exist.products using polyurethane composite technology,After the molding,it’s not easy deformation, not aging.

9.Fashion and bright
The product design nice,fashion and bright.Supporting PU moldings,Medallions,a wide range of European member,the full range,Can be applied directly buckle, fight, docking and other combinations.

10.Save space
This product is installed not using the brace,it can be directly mounted on the wall with screws,it can save the wall space about 5cm-10cm at least.

Gail-wood PK Traditional Wall decoration material

Product Applications

Today, Gail-wood WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE is fashionable throughout the decoration industry for its high quality characteristics , and have been widely used in residenti, villa, star hotel, KTV, Peking Opera Theater, bar, office and other interior wall decoration.

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Installation instruction

Main construction materials and accessories

1.inner and outer wall panels for Ecology wood
2. Stainless steel expansion bolt、Angle head bolt、Phillips flathead galvanized self-tapping screws
3. Light steel and solid keel
4. Sealing and shut lines

Construction method

1)It’s direct to hit the nail on the wall surface of the cork. If the wall is 
flat, don’t need wooden dragon skeleton and waterproofing measures, the walls will not be moldy and rotten, the speed of construction has been greatly improving.
2)Bendable, reflect to curved decorative effect (when heat change shape ,the temperature is 83 degrees), 45 degrees stitching and gluing for normal use;
3)there is mating sealing and shut lines.
4) It can be used with all kind of common Mouldings. Simple and complete for mating
5) Smooth surface, rich texture of wood, there is no paint on the varnish effect, you will can use after installing

Installation method

If the wall is not flat, then you can use plywood, plywood strips, wooden keel made of substrate mounting.The thickness of the plywood is generally chosen based on the size of the installation area is calculated.Plywood market generally with 5 cm, 9 cm, 12 cm, etc. The greater area selected thicker plywood,general recommendations with more than 9 cm.First plywood installed,then amount the mounting position of the decorative panel,the ecological wood on the wall,then the public opening position obliquely nail fixation,usually once every other 30 cm hit the nail,after installing a plug and then the other one go,In the same manner until the installation is complete.

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