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What's the price of 3d leather wall panel?

    What's the price of 3d leather wall panel?
    Issue Time:2017-09-11
    Leather carved soft bag background wall so that the house looks very elegant, there are taste, for the home building materials industry sought after heat. But the cost of the background wall needs to be based on the actual situation. In the case of
    Leather carved soft package according to style modeling, timber and fabric selection of different prices vary greatly. Because the different size of the soft bag material loss is not the same, the artificial flowers are also very different. First of all, soft package style classification, the conventional style to do relatively simple, and profiled style (personalized modeling) this difficult and easy, easy to be based on the actual style can be clear. And then is the timber, soft bag substrate useful fire board, and the use of fiberboard, but also useful woodworking board, there are sulfuric acid plate, there are many other floor, the most commonly used fiber board commonly known as MDF MDF. Third, the finishes, soft cloth fabric variety, color tens of millions, according to the material category is divided into a cloth, one is the skin. The most commonly used soft cloth fabric with flannel fabric, linen fabric, including some of the fabric used to make the sofa can be used when the soft package of the finishes, more high-end silk fabrics, cut cashmere, leather goods imitation leather PU leather, Xipi, ultra-fiber skin, etc.) and leather (buffalo leather buffalo).
    In the case of
    Of course, as for each family in the leather carved backpack wall to do what style, there is a soft package with what fabric is good, this should be based on everyone's like, and feel to. Because each family want the atmosphere is not the same, the choice of material is also different, so the specific analysis of specific issues.
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