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What are the advantages of pu skin for faux wall panels?


What are the advantages of pu skin for faux wall panels?

December 18,2018

PU is also named polyurethane synthetic leather, also known as synthetic leather, is the skin of the 3d faux wall panels. Pu skin is a synthetic leather material, but it is not the artificial leather we often say.


PU skin for faux wall panels characteristics:

1. High strength, thin and elastic, soft and smooth, good ventilation and water permeability, and waterproof;

2. It has good tensile strength and harmonic strength at low temperature, and has good light aging resistance and hydrolysis stability;

3. Super wear-resistant, the appearance and performance are close to natural leather, easy to wash and decontaminate, easy to sew;

4. The surface is smooth and compact, and can be used for various surface treatments and dyeing.

What are the advantages of the PU compared to the pvc leather and natural leather?

1.pu leather does not apply plasticizer on the surface of pvc artificial leather to achieve the purpose of softness, it has soft characteristics, so it is soaked in gasoline for more than half an hour, it is still soft, and will not Like artificial leather, it becomes hard and brittle because it is coated with a plasticizer.

2.PU leather has excellent wear resistance, excellent breathability, aging resistance, soft and comfortable, and has strong flexibility. Its appearance is most like leather, and its products are superior to natural leather in terms of thickness uniformity, tear strength, color intensity and leather surface utilization.