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The Advantages and Routine Maintenance Methods of 3d Leather Wall Panel

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    The Advantages and Routine Maintenance Methods of 3d Leather Wall Panel

    Issue Time:2017-05-18
    With the improvement of the requirements of the home decoration, soft package is more applied with ordinary home decoration. Soft bag backdrop is not only beautiful and practical, it's sound and enhance the safety and comfort of the prominent features, very suitable for elders living, hurry to send the room to install soft bag backdrop, so that family life more comfortable home. Soft bag background wall looks beautiful style changeable, in fact, soft bag background wall is not only decorative materials, more features, make home life comfort is improved.

    Soft bag background wall of the three major advantages:

    1. Sound-absorbing effect is excellent

    Because the effect is good and often used for public places, KTV rooms and other soft package backdrop, for the same home in the sound-absorbing effect. Soft bag background wall using a large number of flexible materials, so the high frequency, intermediate frequency and low frequency noise has a strong cut off effect. This kind of material gives the home space a unique tranquility.

    2. improve the sense of security and comfort

    Soft bag background wall has moisture, mildew, anti-collision, flame retardant and other effects, especially for children with the family, soft package wall to avoid the child hit the hard wall and injured, it has a good shock buffer effect, In the home gives a sense of security and comfort.

    3. Improve the quality of home space

    Soft bag background wall of the craft and materials are more special, the entire home space grade has greatly improved; especially European or more luxurious decoration style, the most suitable for soft bag background wall.

    Soft bag backdrop daily maintenance:

    1. dust removal

    Regularly on the soft bag backdrop for dust, surface dust and debris can be treated with a vacuum cleaner can also be used clean wipe by the wet; and then naturally dry.

    2. decontamination

    As part of the living room wall, more or less affected by the stains, this time with a diluted detergent in the stains at the scrub, and then wipe the bubble with a clean cloth can be.

    3. disinfection

    As the soft bag background wall of the material is more special, so easy to dipped in daily life bacteria and bacteria, and not easy to clean, so the need for routine disinfection. In the soft bag for disinfection, the direct use of a clean towel diluted dilution of water can be wiped.
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