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Leather carved soft bag is becoming a fashion

    Leather carved soft bag is becoming a fashion
    Issue Time:2017-12-11
    "The concept of light decoration, heavy decoration in recent years, increasingly popular among consumers." A lot of consumers a few years ago, the choice of wallpaper decoration, and now the wallpaper is far from enough consumer demand for high quality of life, and carving Soft bag to replace wallpaper as the exclusive wall background products, because there are several distinctive features carved. First, carved decoration can highlight the personality. Due to the color of carvings, patterns, a wide range of materials, consumers can shop around. Different carved soft bag, of course, material and cost are far apart. Second, the sculpture has a strong aesthetic, you can create a variety of different viewing effects, such as the TV background wall and sofa wall corresponding to the effect, as well as the bed wall, study, entrance, can also be used for ceiling, etc., because of the wide range of applications , Increasingly loved by consumers. In fact, with the growing consumer awareness of leather carving products in recent years, carving as a new element of home furnishings is leading a diversified fashion home decor style.
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